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  Stopped shaving on 25/06/2012



  Updated 19th Feb.




  Updated 19th Feb.






Welcome to my site.

My passion is facial hair. I like to grow my beard and moustache.

I'm a novice Beardsman. A pogonophile some might call me.



I've had many beards over the years.

I grow them, shave them off and grow 'em back again. Jean Cocteau once said "There is always a period when a man with a beard shaves it off. This period does not last. He returns headlong to his beard." Once you've grown and cultivated your beard and then shaved it off, you will completely understand what Jean is saying there.


I am at that stage where I am returning headlong to my beard.

So over the next few weeks, months, maybe even years I hope to post here how it is progressing. Maybe a picture or few.... thats if I don't break the lense of my camera.



This page, Blog if you will, is more for my benefit than anyone elses.

I'ts obviously going to be a work in progress, probably never to be finished. For sure it will keep me occupied in my spare time. I bid you Farewell, Until next time.







First weekly update.

So its the 5th of July, Over a week ago I stopped shaving my chin. Its coming along nicely, feels good. Its changing out of the designer stubble phase and starting to look like I can't be bothered to clean myself up. This stage is where I suspect quite a few people start to get selfconcious about thier appearence, but not me, I'm on a mission...


On the subject of hair, I had my haircut earlier this week. And wow, I have never had a number one (on the clipper grade scale). Damn its short! I almost look like a thug. Though I suppose my looks and age negate that. There's been no comments on my appearence yet from the general public, I supose I'm quite a way's from that at the moment which is nice.

I am not looking foreward to anti-beard quotes and smirks from people I don't know. And it happens. I've seen Youtube video's and other media where a person sees a guy with a beard, they can get quite bitter and mean towards the Beardsman.

Then again, I expect they are the exception to the rule.

My neck and chin haven't started to itch yet, I have that to look forward to next week I think, ugh I hate that period of growth.

Right, time to sign off. keep in touch and watch for my next week update. And check out the pic's page..

Jai Ho!



Weekly Update.

Today is the 12th of July, and its time for an update.

The kids are starting to stroke my beard and having a usual laugh which is always fun banter.


My neck is starting to itch, especially now that its summer. Well if you can call a british summer 'Summer'. I've been splashing cold plain water on my face and neck and applying some moisturising cream to my neck to alleviate some of the itch, seems to work. I shall search out a pharmacy store and look for some creams, maybe they will have something.

I've been told softening the bristles using conditioner will lessen the irritation which makes sense, i'l try that tomorrow morning and let you know how it went next week.

I'm getting used to my hair being very short on my head. Buying a bandana was a good idea, being fair skinned I would have gotten sunburned. That is definately not on my todo's list!


I shall bid you all farewell untill next week, check out the new pictures for this week.






Weekly Update.

I'm late updating the website. Sith happens...

Anyway, Been pretty busy over the past week. Bought myself a new belt too, not that you care, your here for the update!

Well, Today is the day, my neck stops itching. Its been fifteen days of rubbing and itching.

I failed to find a cure, only short term unpractical solutions. I suppose we should be greatfull that growing a beard should include such discomfort. If it didn't, Everyone would want one.

With every day my beard seems to shout out grey patches I wonder if I'l turn out to be a Marcus 'the grey' or even 'the white'.

Don't forget to check the pictures page, and I'l update you next week.






Weekly Update.

Ok, So Weekly Update is a bit optamistic. I think from now on I will change it to Monthly.

Whats been going on you may ask? Well basically I have been busy with family and a pc game called Minecraft, which i might add has sucked loads of time out of my schedule.

Anyway, to the Beard status. Its going well, Its almost as long as i have ever had it. Maybe a week or so and I will beat my longest ever length, which isn't that long but a personal best just the same.

I bought myself a Kent brush the other week, top quality brush to groom my beard. Gotta tell you it feels good to brush it heh. I'm trying to train my neck bristles to flow downward, a daily regiment of softly brushing them a few times a day doesn't seem to make them go.. I'l keep trying, however I guess in the end I'l just have to wait until they are long enough to flow thenselves in that direction. It just bugs me.

I'm not having much problems at meal times...yet. My moustache is starting to curl down towards the bottom of my top lip, again, I'm training my tache to grow sideways away from my mouth, we'l see if that pans out too.

Thats it for now, I will post some photo's showing my beard status for this week. Check them out.

Have a good day and see you on my next update.






Monthly Update.

This months has been great, My beard feels good and so do I. I'm starting to get alot of raggedy wiskers that il need to start tidying up very soon.

I keep biting my moustache wiskers unfortunately and I'm having to wash my mouth all the time haha.

My neck wiskers are still going the wrong way which makes the raggedy wiskers look even worse, hopefully that will resolve soon.

There isn't much else happening at the moment so I'l bid you farewel for now!

...Don't forget the check out the Pictures page for this months instalment.







Monthly Update.

Yes, Still growing. Feels good to handle. couple more months and i'l probably be able to have a beardytale, heh.

Neck bristles still point out instead of down, can't be helped i suppose.

I'm still using condtioner and all that stuff, I think its keeping my beard oiled and well, though most conditioners on the market tend to..smell girly. hmmm.

It's been a quiet mnth so i'l bid you farewel and bring you an update in November.






Winter Update.

Greeting to you all, I've been very busy the last few months so I didn't update this page.

Fear not my Beard is still growing and looking good. I Finaly put some time aside to take some pictures and upload them, please check out the pictures page.

I have continued to shampoo and condition my beard every couple of days and now I think its time to search out some oil's. I will let you know what sort of oils I choose. Until next time have a good time. peace!





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